In today’s market, it is no surprise that homes with pools have a higher value than those without. It turns out the benefits of owning your own oasis aren’t just aesthetic; in 2019 these properties also had an extra $16k on their selling price! This fact was especially true during last year’s global pandemic when they increased another 27K over other similar listings – all due to how much people valued having natural spaces like this around them or as part of what makes them happy at home.

Sellers in Arizona are more likely to get higher prices when selling a house with a pool. This is because there’s an increased demand for houses that come equipped with a pool – and here in Arizona, buyers prefer heated swimming pools too!

Did Covid-19 increase the value of Homes with a Pool?

In the wake of covid-19, many homeowners found themselves with more time at home. Those who didn’t want to be bored during their downtime created mini escapes in their backyards, building pools and creating beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces.  

As a result, the pandemic has driven a need for pool construction services. A hot commodity in 2021, the selling price of homes with pools has gone up dramatically. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can recover all construction costs simply by selling the home. There are other market conditions that increase the price of homes. Pools are expensive so you may sell the property with enough equity to cover the cost of the pool if market conditions are good. 

Pool Safety and Home Resale

As a pool owner, it’s your duty to ensure the safety of those around you and that includes children. Some cities in Arizona require fences, self-latching gates, or other devices which assist in helping keep children safe. No matter what, they are all important when it comes down to protecting kids from drowning accidents. In many cities and counties, there are specific types of safety equipment that must be present in order to sell a home. 

The Pool Deck can make or break the look of your yard

The pool deck is a crucial part of the pool and the overall look of the yard. There are various materials used to construct it, such as concrete or stone. Whichever one you choose will contribute greatly to a one-of-a-kind outdoor sanctuary. 

The purpose behind having good quality material when constructing any kind of outdoor space cannot be stressed enough – some stone-like travertine may not get as hot as concrete and maybe less slippery than other materials. Saltwater can also impact the look and longevity of certain surfaces. It is best to ask a pool professional for help when installing a new deck. 

Be consistent with Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is something that you should do to keep the value of your house up. Prospective buyers will have less interest in a home with an unkempt pool, and they may be inclined towards other properties where pools are well maintained. If you want to make your house a safe place for your family, then pool maintenance is an investment in making that happen. If people can have fun and relax around the property without worrying about it being messy or having dangerous chemicals near them – they will be more inclined to buy because of how inviting their home is. 

Cleaning your pool is essential if you want it to look and operate at its best. Follow these three easy steps for effective cleaning: 

  • Clean the entire surface with a brush, removing all floating debris as well as dirt and oils from the inside walls. 
  • Check that each chemical has been adjusted properly by reaching pH balance or calcium hardness levels before adding more chlorine. 
  • If needed, hire professionals to make sure the work is done on a consistent basis with the proper equipment and chemicals. 

We know that a swimming pool is an expensive investment and the last thing you want to do is let it go to waste. Our team at Edge Pools can help you maintain your pool so that it will be looking great for years to come, while also saving money in energy costs over time. You may not think about how much of impact a pool or water feature has on your home’s value but according to Trulia’s research, homes with pools are worth more than other similar houses without one! If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, call us at 480-447-0004 today.

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