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If you are planning on building a structure for agricultural use and not a Pole Barn ,The Edge Remodeling will help you plan and design a building to best suit your needs. Our Building Specialists have decades of experience in the agricultural building industry. Barns, Riding Arenas, Hay Storage, Grain Storage, Equipment Storage, you name it, we have done it!

The Edge Remodeling offers several styles of frame systems that are designed to achieve a traditional looking agricultural structure, all while utilizing the latest technology in pre-engineered steel framing. The results are amazing! Ask one of our Building Specialists for assistance if you would like to utilize one of these frame types on your project.

The appearance of your building is important to us; which is why all The Edge Remodeling agricultural buildings include the same upgraded trim and closure package as our commercial buildings at no additional cost to you. We feel that every The Edge Remodeling building should have the same attractive trim and weather tightness regardless of what it is being used for. Please visit our Standard Features for more information.

Gable 'Clear Span' Buildings

The Edge Remodeling Gable ‘Clear Span’ frame design is a popular choice among our customers who are looking for open floor plans to accomodate their needs. The Edge Remodeling can design for ‘clear spans’ of over 200 feet in width making the gable ‘clear span’ frame design an ideal choice for indoor riding arenas, implement storage buildings and hay barns.

Trying to decide whether a Pre-Engineered Metal Building or a Pole Barn will best suit your needs? Consider this; pre-engineered metal buildings from The Edge Remodeling are lifetime maintenance free structures. When compaired to Pole Barns, The Edge Remodeling provides much lower cost of ownership when looking at costs involved in maintenance, repairs, heating and cooling. The Edge Remodeling is the ‘clear’ choice for your next agricultural Use Building!

Agricultural Buildings

Today’s agriculture market has increased the demand for maintenance free, permanent structures that can easily accommodate a variety of storage needs. To meet these needs The Edge Remodeling offers the latest in Pre-Engineered Metal Building technology. The agricultural market covers a wide variety of uses–from hay barns to implement storage, riding arenas to livestock sheds. whether your needs are for riding, equipment, goods or livestock,The Edge Remodeling will design the right building systems to maximize your structure’s value. In addition to being permanent, maintenance free structure, The Edge Remodeling offers several option to ensure your building is weather tight and rodent free! Call The Edge Remodeling today and talk with one of our Building Specialists about your agricultural building needs.

Gable 'Multi-Span' Buildings


The Edge Remodeling ‘Multi-Span’ frame systems are commonly used for hay storage, livestock barns, and equipment storage buildings that are over 100 feet wide. Multi-Span frames can be designed with either pipe columns or I- beams as the interior structural support columns. Your needs, as well as, achieving the most economical design will determine which type of interior structural columns are used. Many of our customers have saved thousands of dollars by allowing our Building Specialists to ” value engineer” using the multi-span frame design. The Edge Remodeling building Specialist can help you determine if the advantages of a multi-span frame design would be beneficial to your project.


Single Slope Buildings

The Edge Remodeling Single Slope frame design, commonly known as a “shed roof”, can be designed as a clear span or multi-span frame. This frame design is commonly used for building additions, loafing sheds, hay storage, and equipment storage. The Edge Remodeling can also incorporate this design when site conditions dictate that roof drainage can only flow in one direction.

Lean-To Frames

The Edge Remodeling often incorporates Lean-To frames when extra space is needed alongside the main building. Lean-To frames can tie in at the eave or below eave of the main building and require partial support at the point of attachment. Lean-To frames slope in one direction. Like all frame systems, Lean-to frames can be designed as clear span or multi-span. The Edge Remodeling Building Specialists can assist you in determining whether or not a lean-to frame can be used on your project.

Monitor Buildings

The Edge Remodeling unique Monitors frame design provides an alternate frame system that offers the latest technology in pre-engineered metal buildings while giving the appearance of traditional agricultural monitor barns. The Edge Remodeling can design monitor has become very popular for customers who want the traditional “old barn” appearance for their garage, storage building, and are perfect for framing in stall and alley ways. The Edge Remodeling can even provide a second floor in the monitor which can be used for storage or a hay mow. Talk to a The Edge Remodeling Builder Specialist to help design the perfect buildind for your needs.


Gambrel Buildings

The Edge Remodeling Gambrel frame design is a mix of traditional dairy barns and today’s pre-engineered steel building technology. Traditionally, gambrel style buildings have been used for dairy barns to maximize the size of the hayloft above the dairy roof. Today, you can still acheive the classic look of a dairy barn, and receive the benefits of using pre-engineered steel. The stronger frames used in pre-engineered steel building allow these types of buildings to hold up in heavier wind and snow areas, where traditional wood frames have trouble. Additionally, gambrel style buildings can be designed for a number of uses other than dairy barns. They can be used as garages with a loft, or as an entirely open building. Call a The Edge Remodeling Building Specialist today to find out if a gambrel style building is right for you!




  • Roll-up doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Hydraulic doors
  • Bi-fold door
  • Sliding Doors
  • Service Doors


  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Canopies and Overhangs
  • Wainscot
  • Cupolas
  • Windows
  • skylights


  • Liner Panel
  • Insulation
  • Partition Walls
  • Mezzanines


  • Ridge Vents
  • Louvers
  • Turbine vents
  • Exhaust fans
  • Snow Gaurds

Base Angle Section

The Edge Remodeling buildings come standard with options that keep your building weathertight and rodent proof! Base angle is used to connect the wall panel to the foundation. In addition to the base angle, Base Trim is used to cover the bottom of the wall panel. likewise, a closed cell foam Closure Strip, that is die form cut to match the panel profile, is secured between the wall panel and base angle. All of the above work together to ensure a weather-tight and rodent free building. A Concrete notch used in the foundation is also an option to aid in finishing your building.

Closure Strip – Die From Cut to Match Panel Profile (shown as PBR profile)

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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings vs. Wood Frame 'Pole' Buildings


The Edge Remodeling pre-engineered metal buildings secure to a solid concrete foundation using high strength anchor bolts. Additionally, base angle with flashing and base closure strips ensure that the building will be frost free, water resistant and rodent proof. Wood Frame ‘Pole’ Buildings wood columns are set directly into the earth, much like installing a fence, and offer little or no resistance to water, frost heaving or rodent protection.

Roof & Wall Panels

All FSS buildings come standard with a minimum 26 gauge, 80,000 psi yield strength panel. Minimum 25 Year finish warranties. FSS panels are rust and leak resistant.

Standard panels are 29 gauge, minimum yield strength 36,000 psi. 10 year finish warranty. Steel sheeting fastened to wood framing is likely to warp, leak and rust over time.


Extensive assembly documents, plans, and engineers certifications are provided with every FSS building. all plans are engineer stamped and ready for submission to the local building department. all FSS parts are numbered which allows for easy and rapid construction. SAVE TIME…. SAVE MONEY!

Assembly documents and plans are vague or nonexistent for pole barns, which will call unnecessary delays in obtaining permits with the building department. parts are not usually not numbered or sorted causing many hours of sorting, cutting, and assembly problems. LOSE TIME….LOSE MONEY!


Solid 50 KSI yield strength Steel framing is coated with a highly protective primer, which is applied after all cutting, welding, and drilling– so there is no breach in Rust protection. The Edge Remodeling offer a lifetime product that does not warp, twist or decay. steel is a more sanitary product when used for livestock situations and is preferred for permanent installations.

Pressure treated wood warps and shrinks about its lifespan. the foundation frame members shift and lead to pole barns requiring to be Re straightened every 5 to 7 years, costing thousands of dollars in maintenance. Due to the limitations in the strength of materials, clear span capabilities are extremely limited. Pole buildings are not recommended for permanent installations.

Fire Rating

Fss Pre-Engineered Steel Building have a class A Fire Rating. Class A Ratings are the highest ratings, able to withstand severe exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.

Wood Structure have a Class C Fire Rating. Class C Ratings are the lowest ratings, able to withstand light exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.


Property and Fire Insurance is approximately 30% lower for a FSS Pre-Engineered Steel Building when compared to pole barns.

Property and Fire Insurance is approximately 30% higher for pole barns when compared to a FSS Pre-Engineered Steel Building.


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