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Steel is the least pricey material of all of the available construction materials.

Steel is Durable

Compared to other building construction, pre-engineered steel buildings will be up to 30% less to insure.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are considered to be lifetime buildings. Pre-engineered steel buildings by The Edge Remodeling  provide very low maintenance and upkeep.

The power of steel makes it the ideal material for buildings requiring large open floor spaces such as arenas of all types, community centers, manufacturing and religious facilities.

Steel buildings can have a clear span of 300’ wide. This gives the designer and builder an enormous space that is column free and adds the ability to satisfy complicated space designs while maintaining an unencumbered floor area.

Easier and quicker to construct than most construction systems, The Edge Remodeling pre-engineered steel building is less labor intensive, saving money and loss of valuable occupancy time.

The Edge Remodeling buildings are a pre-fabricated original product that is engineered to meet your particular design, unique exterior colors, needs and wants. Your building is pre-punched, precut, pre-drilled, pre-welded, pre-fitted and prepared to be assembled upon arrival to your location.

One of the most significant benefits is that the design of your building is engineered to your local code requirements meeting the local environmental needs.

Your building can be dressed up with many unique doors, windows and other accessories that will serve you for a lifetime.



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